Our in-house consultants are experienced and motivated! Their combined knowledge of each agency’s people, culture, capabilities and strengths, across the entire market, enables IAS to identify those that perfectly match and exceed your requirements. The IAS approach also guarantees your anonymity, while you remain in complete control of the decision-making process at every step of the way. As a client, your insight and information, coupled with our local experience as well as AAR’s forty plus years of experience, supports you to make an informed, considered decision every time!

As a member of the AAR international network of associate companies, IAS is able to assist South African companies who may require advertising and other creative services in various countries. We would brief our counterparts in these respective countries, depending on your initial brief to us. Therefore, with our knowledge of agency networks and via affiliates in other countries, we are equally well placed to handle our client’s international requirements.



Marketer-agency relationship assessment and management

In today’s fast-paced world, the high demand for creative services by clients has encouraged many agencies to offer services way beyond their core competence. It’s almost like a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach, which isn’t sustainable in the long term! At IAS, our expert consultants invest their time in understanding and gaining insight into each agency, thereby allowing them to honestly assess capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, we are able to put in touch with your ideal agency, whatever the discipline.


Cost analysis and benchmarking.

As a marketer, you must ask yourself, “Is the amount my agency is charging in fees ‘fair’ and in line with marketplace norms?” Critical questions such as this cannot be answered thoroughly without an assessment of the commercial relationship between the marketer and the agency. Therefore, IAS undertakes a benchmarking or cost analysis exercise, after which you will be provided with an objective and impartial view of the remuneration structures. This will ultimately deliver a commercial relationship, which is both transparent and in accordance with best practice.


Mentoring and training.

As a client, you may have a new team or a member of the team who hasn’t worked with an agency before, or maybe you feel that your team needs to take greater control of your agency relationships. 
IAS offers tailored training and mentoring programmes to help marketers develop, motivate and understand their agencies, in addition to appraising and managing them.


Procurement consulting.

It is said that ideal procurement that enables the provision of high-quality, product-supporting information is a key success drive in marketing.



IAS believes in and advocates absolute confidentiality in the client-agency process. Therefore, when you are working with us, you can conduct your day to day business without any distractions. We ensure your commercial sensitivities are protected, and you can work without the uninvited attentions of new business directors or the marketing trade press. At the other end of the spectrum, all the agencies we deal with have signed confidentiality agreements, and if necessary, we are happy to work with you and your legal department to create a bespoke agreement. This can also help maintain a positive working relationship with your incumbent agency. 
After all, you may decide to stay with them.


Our fees vary according to the scope and complexity of your brief. After we have met with you and discussed your requirements, we prepare a full proposal and timetable, as well as a quote for consideration.


IAS is proud to host a series of Masterclasses for Markets in Johannesburg and Cape Town.